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Al Duqm Golden Sky LLC is a holding company that operates on a global and diverse scale in most of the various collections in various industries.
We strive to be environmentally and socially responsible. Our employees remain the key to our success. We are building a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world. That’s the Power of Connected.

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Strong infrastructure

Golden Sky was established in 2018. Golden Sky story stretches back more than 25 years ago and encompasses several predecessor companies and the inspiring work of 50 people. It is a highly recognized and successful conglomerate. Founded in 2018, Golden Sky manages 45 million euro of assets under management on behalf of over 5 institutional clients and private investors across a range of permanent investment strategies

The business is a fully private company that is led by a solid core of professional managers.

We draw on over 25 years of successful management insight into providing goods and services for different markets. Over 200 employees spread across the holding company which are divided in different companies inside. We invest in a wide variety of sectors, including those aligned with Golden Sky businesses: IT, Electronics, Petrochemicals, Required Row materials of different industries.

  • Golden Sky is not politically affiliated with any group or organizatio

  • We maintain a strong degree of independence and believe in delivering results. Consequently we have become a trusted third party between successive governments within the countries as well as companies

The Golden Sky Advantage

We have a deep and broad network that gives us unparalleled insight into many sectors and unprecedented access to mostGolden Sky core business philosophy is to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. Being Genuine is our core competency in area



Your Strategic Partner

Electronic Wires


Electronics sector growth is greatly accelerated by increasing consumer spending around the world. As developing economies grow, consumer demand for electronics also increases. Industries within electronics include telecommunications, equipment, electronic components, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

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My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

Chemical Plant


The petrochemicals industry has evolved out of oil and gas processing by adding value to low value by-products, which have limited use in the fuels industry. The industry now produces a remarkable range of useful products, including plastics, synthetic rubber, solvents, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, additives, explosives and adhesives.
The Petrochemical market can be very confusing to both the professional and individual investor, with large price fluctuations sometimes occurring on a daily basis. Each country has a different refining capacity. The petrochemicals industry is competitive, involves significant technological innovation, is capital intensive and operates in a global product market.

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The basic materials sector is a category of stocks for companies involved in the discovery, development and processing of raw materials. The sector includes the mining and refining of metals, chemical products and forestry products. The basic materials sector is sensitive to changes in the business cycle. Because companies in this sector supply materials for construction, they depend on a strong economy. Some of the most common materials covered within the basic materials sector include any mined materials, such as metals and ore, as well as forestry products, such as lumber. Certain chemical producers and energy sources also qualify as part of the basic materials sector.

Field of Wheat


We help our clients to find the best supply and secure their long term resources through our global network of supplier for different products such as wheat, barley, corn, rice, soy bean and frozen meat.



As a traditional business of the founders of Al Duqm Golden Sky, seafood industry and trade has an iconic role in our core business and we provide different type of fish, shrimp and caviar from all around the world to our valued customers.



Our mission is to own and develop financially disciplined businesses that are leaders in responsibility, providing best products and services with superior branded products to target markets.

  • We will grow our leadership advantage through our people, our culture and our business partners.

  • We will help to solve social issues important to our business, stake holders and communities.

  • We offer our customers enjoyable products and services choices.

  • We are generating sustainable growth and long-term value for our stakeholders.



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